Completed Projects

  1. Since its inception, this department has been conducting various collaborative scientific research programs with different national as well as international organizations.
  2. During 1987 - 2004 various field oriented research on Glaciers of Khumbu and Langtang regions of Nepal were carried out with Japanese Scientists from Nagoya and Hokaido Universities.
  3. During 1995/96, study of meteorology and combustion particles in Kathmandu and Khumbu Himal was conducted with City College of New York, USA. One article was published in Atmospheric Environment (international journal), three scientific reports and many conference papers were also published.
  4. In 1998, NASDA/ESCAPE Project on application of satellite imageries for investigation of natural processes at high altitude regions of Nepal was initiated. This project was funded by Japanese Government.
  5. In 2002/03, the First National Communication for IPCC was prepared. Project was supported by UNEP.
  6. In 2006, Project on Climate Change of Khumbu region was conducted. The project was funded by WWF-Nepal.