This form is meant as an ongoing feedback system for all graduate and undergraduate students as well as visitors at CDHM. Students can use the form to help the department to improve all aspects of its academic provision and visitors can give their opinion. Possible examples include for students:

  • To give feedback (positive or negative) on a semester classes
  • To share comments about the syllabus or course materials for a particular option
  • To comment on facilities (e.g., library provision, accessibility, disability support)
  • To give feedback on particular class
  • To suggest ideas for improvements and future initiatives

Feedback will be reviewed throughout the year by the Feedback coordinator and discussed with IQAC where appropriate. Please note that this form is for both anonymous and named feedback and is accessible to department staff.

If you would like to discuss any matter urgently then please contact the CDHM by email:; or telephone: 01-4333887

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