Talk program on climate, glacier and river dynamics in high mountain Asia

Posted on: 19 May 2018


A special talk program on “Recent Advances in Understanding Climate, Glacier and River Dynamics in High Mountain Asia” was held in Central Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (CDHM) at Tribhuvan University on 6th May 2018. Dr. Walter works as Associate Professor at Utrecht University, The Netherland and he is leading a number of projects on the cutting edge of climate change, glaciology and hydrology and is responsible for teaching several courses in the curriculum of the Geosciences faculty. He shared some of very interesting results obtained by their research team on understanding of Himalayan water cycle. He summarized the technical difficulties and tricks applied in Langtang region of Nepal and in high Himalaya regions during his research. Dr. Walter also focused on snow water equivalent measurement, important role of debris in energy and mass balance of Yala and Mera glacier and concluded his first result as a hot issue to participant concerning ice sublimation rate is nearly 31 mm for 31 days period in Yala glacier. Dr. Walter also instructed researchers in the Himalayan region with proper understanding of topography, glacio-hydrological modeling and approaches to climate change during his valuable time at CDHM. Finally, Dr. Walter forced to regulate hydrological cycle of mountain region to maintain its aesthetic identity in future.