Seminar on “Hydro-climatic system at local scale in the Everest Region of Nepal.”

Posted on: 02 May 2018

The Pressure on Soil and Water Resources in Nepal Himalaya (PRRESHINE) project, in collaboration with Central Department of Hydrology and Metreology (CDHM) Tribhuvan University held a half day seminar on local scale hydro-climatic system of Everest Region.

The PRESHINE project (Pressure on water and soil Resources in Nepal Himalaya) addresses the question of the availability and the uses of water and soil resources in the Everest region (Solu-Khumbu) in a context of climate change and profound transformation brought about by the tourism in this mountain area within the Sagarmatha National Park.

Scientists from France shared their research activities carried out in the Everest Region.  Dr. Pierre Chevallier (CNRS, IRD, Montpellier University, France); Dr. François Delclaux (CNRS, IRD, Montpellier University, France) presented the research work on “Water flows of five small basins in the Everest Region” (Eastern Nepal). “Characterizing hydro-climatic systems at local scale in the Nepalese Himalayas.”was the second topics potrayed by Judith Eeckman (CNRSMeteo-France),Toulouse,France.

Intellectuals from PRESHINE project Dr. Pierre Chevallier (CNRS, IRD, Montpellier University, Montpellier, France), Dr. Delclaux Francois (CNRS, IRD, Montpellier University, Montpellier, France), Dr. Anneke De Rouw (IRD, iEES-Paris, Paris, France), Judith Eeckman (CNRS, Meteo-France, Toulouse, France), Dr. Christian Valentin (IRD, iEES-Paris, Paris, France) provided the significant coordination and cooperation during the discussion.

The seminar was attended by the faculty member and students of (CDHM), Tribhuvan University.